When setting up your webshop you will have to think about your categories and subcategories. A good navigation is the foundation for good results in the search engine rankings. When you choose the names for your categories wisely you will create a good URL structure. For example, you would not want to include the same keyword twice in your URL and you would only want to use keywords that people use to search for your products.

Which keywords actually have an interesting search volume can be checked with the Google Keyword Planner. With this free tool you can conduct a keyword research. Based on this research you can set up your webshop navigation. Of course you can also let this keyword research to the experts, such as OOSEOO.

AmaSEO Category Optimized Text

After you have carefully set up your webshop navigation and when you have included the right keywords in the right places, it is time to optimize the pages for their keywords. By optimizing a text for one particular keyword you can make it clear to search engine what the contents of your page are and for which keyword(s) you would like to gain a good position in the organic search results.

AmaSEO Category a SEO-friendly Text

The way to optimize a text consists of several methods. To have enough contents for search engines it is important to write a text of at least 300 words and which focusses on the most important keyword for that particular page. This keyword is most of the time the category title you have carefully chosen based on your keyword research.

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